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Get guidance on how to start a business the right way with accurate advising you can trust

We can help you restructure your operation, adjust your errors, or recover after a disaster

We can help you develop a growth strategy, a business model or financial forecast




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Integrality Consulting Services

Fee based solutions and Start.Pivot.Grow. Accelerator are Integrality, LLC Companies

Economic Development

Our team and partners come to the table with specific skills in the area of economic and community development, social impact, program and project management. We utilize design thinking to help create programs that work to build stronger communities through education, business advising, and technical assistance. 


Integrality provides more in-depth technology consulting services ranging from administration and configuration, CRM and marketing system design and development, AI solutions, web design and development, to accounting software setup and management.  



We provide connections to viable commercial loans, equity investment and grant funds designated to help small businesses access capital. We also provide grant writing services for active 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, community development corporations, education institutions and corporate foundations. We can help you access the capital you qualify for and need. 



We provide quality bookkeeping services and connect you to licensed and experienced accounting firms who partner and provide in-depth accounting, tax and bookkeeping services to small businesses looking to understand their managerial and operational accounting. Understanding your financial data is one key to building a successful venture. 



We partner with law firms who provide real estate council, venture capital and equity investing council, intellectual property and business startup legal advice to help owners protect what they own and mitigate risk. If too many businesses fail or do not return in the local economy the outcome will have a ripple effect for years to come. Research shows some small to midsize businesses can not afford full scale legal services but will desperately need assistance with real estate contracts, leases, vendor contracts, loan forgiveness and more.

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