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Referral Program

We value referrals and reward partners who refer new clients to us.

If you know a business owner who could benefit from our services, program or bootcamps refer them to us and you will receive a cash reward following their successful enrollment or completion. To qualify, the referral must be a new customer to our firm and must purchase one of our services or enroll in a program. We look forward to rewarding you and helping other business owners pivot and grow.

Refer a business owner you know for a chance to win.


Criteria for qualifying businesses to refer:

  • Businesses must be currently active and open for 2 years or more (start up businesses are not eligible.)

  • Business owners must complete and submit our online needs assessment (accelerator application)

  • Business owners must register for, attend and complete the Start.Pivot.Grow. accelerator

  • Qualifying business industries include: retail, ecommerce, franchise, engineering, beauty, apparel, transportation, logistics, food and beverage, hospitality, consumer goods products, health and wellness

Reward Payment Method

Thank you for helping your local small business. We have received your business referral. We will contact your referral to invite them to apply.

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