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Verizon Launches $10,000 Grant Program

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready offers new grants, more free resources for small businesses

Small businesses can access free courses, 1:1 coaching, peer networking and an opportunity to apply for a $10,000 grant.

Today, Verizon announced that new grant funding opportunities for small businesses, totaling $500,000, are available via Verizon Small Business Digital Ready. In partnership with Next Street and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready online resource is designed to give under-resourced small businesses the tools they need to help grow their business and thrive in today’s digital economy. Small business owners who register on the platform receive free, personalized access to over 40 online courses, mentorship opportunities with industry experts, peer networking events, 1:1 expert coaching and incentives such as the opportunity to apply for grant funding. Based on a survey conducted of small business owners registered on the platform, 99% of respondents agree that Small Business Digital Ready courses helped their business.*

“Since Verizon Small Business Digital Ready launched in 2021, we have been able to support over 200,000 small business owners nationwide,” said Rose Stuckey Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Verizon. “We are proud to tap into our tools and resources - as well as our network of experts - to help small businesses succeed and, ultimately, help benefit their local communities.”

In an effort to provide a more personalized experience to users, Verizon Small Business Digital Ready was recently updated with new content, such as short-form videos, articles and audio clips, and revamped with a fresh look to provide small business owners with a clear path to the resources and tools that are right for them.

Starting today, October 12, until December 20, 2023, small businesses can unlock the application for this round of grant funding by first registering on Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, available on the portal, and completing at least two of the following, in any combination: courses, coaching or community events. Small businesses that complete the application will be eligible for consideration to receive a $10,000 grant.


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