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Gen AI in the Workplace

By Cynthia Nevels

Gen AI in the Workplace Is Like Using A Calculator On The Final Exam in The Classroom in Front of the Teacher

Gone are the days where the teacher says - use your brain and what I taught you to figure it out.

Speaking from firsthand experience. Managing millennial associates on projects we lead for our clients is getting - interesting.

As a business owner, I want efficiency and speedy deliverables but I also want accurate and original content to pass on to my customers.

In two recent meetings where we are knee deep in problem solving and strategizing, one with an internal associate and the other with a client a question was proposed and the mobile phones whip out within seconds and the thumbs start moving quickly.

After pausing to check my emotional response to the use of the mobile phone mid sentence the peers return to reality and stated “ChatGPT says…” and the conversation progressed building off we agreed with or disagreed with the output. The practice contibied until we adjourned.

I sat in my seat for minutes following the meeting wondering had I lost my touch or where the kids cheating on the test but wondering if I was happy they were.

A new article in McKinsey & Co. Newsletter highlights workplace excitement and concern with the use of gen AI in the workplace.

Gen AI can do many things, but good judgment may still be a people thing. Despite their entertainment value, gen AI’s quirks and inaccuracies may not be amusing in “real” work output. For example, a newspaper’s chatbot-written sports articles and another news outlet’s AI-generated stories have sparked outrage on social media. “The accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content will only be as good as the data sets that are used to train the gen AI algorithms,” notes McKinsey’s Michael Korn, suggesting that leaders set up knowledge management programs “for ensuring that the curated data sets upon which gen AI functionality is built are up to date and relevant.”

Lead skillfully.

Reference New York Times


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