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Cynthia Nevels, Dallas Social Entrepreneur, Selected for Social Impact Accelerator

Social Venture Partners Dallas has selected, cynthia Nevels, Founder and Creator of #Soulgood, to participate as a Social Impact Organization in their latest Dana Juett Residency. We are now a Fellow in their social impact program. We are honored and #grateful for the #opportunity to have brilliant partners, #mentors and #minds help take our #socialinnovation #venture to the next level to save the #planet, #people, and #animals one plate at a time.

The Social Venture Partners is a global network of local partners aligning passion and purpose. They are the leaders in social impact philanthropy who invest time and wealth to help organizations #dogoodbetter. Since 1999, SVP Dallas’ Partners have used collective talents, wealth and resources to support and advance organizations that address issues impacting social structures.

February 9, 2019, Founder and Head Creative Chef Cynthia Nevels presented Soulgood’s history, mission, need and impact numbers thanks to a research collaboration with Dallas County Community College District’s Labor Market Intelligence Center. DCCCD‘s research helped the Soulgood management team identify key social, economic and environmental impact indicators to track our volunteer time, community giving performance numbers and environmental impact numbers.

I am humbled and proud to have the opportunity to work with prestigious philanthropists, partners and mentors at Social Venture Partners Dallas. Cynthia Nevels, Founder of Soulgood

The Residency begins this month and will conclude with a pitch for funding in May 2019. SVP Dallas has assigned two partners to manage the project and 8 Dana Juett Residency volunteer mentors to the team who are assigned to help Soulgood achieve pre-selected milestones and compete for capital.



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