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Integrality, LLC

President and Principal Consultant

I provide growth strategy development services, business planning, forecasting, bookkeeping, CRM system implementation and management, and data analytics consulting as part of our Integral Solutions program. As a senior management consultant with over 18 years experience I work with small, midsize and corporate enterprises to support their growth and profitability.  I conduct research, design programs, plans, enter data and analyze results to create and present best practices for winning.


Dallas County Community College District

Senior Project Manager

Senior Business Consultant with 18 years of experience in supplier diversity program development, entrepreneurship program development, and developing businesses by improving infrastructure, business, and growth processes. Primary areas of expertise include the curriculum design, curriculum development, implementation and tracking. 


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Senior Business Advisor

Alumni Manager 

Senior Business Advisor for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program with 5 years of experience helping high growth ventures create viable growth strategies, financial forecasts, marketing strategies processes, procedures, operational infrastructures and exits. 



Adjunct Professor

I am a certified contract instructor hired to teach industry courses for community colleges. I have designed, developed, implemented and tracked student performance and program outcomes for over 18 years with local community colleges. Core competencies include information technology, accounting, marketing,, CRM, digital media and business plan writing. 


Founder and Senior IoT Engineer

Investor in woman-owned smart technology installation company. I design, configure and install smart technology for residential and commercial real estate projects. We make homes and offices smart, save customers money and create ways to stay connected to devices and data through innovation. 

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Head Chef and Creative Director

Investor and founder of Soulgood vegan and vegetarian food truck and catering company. I am lead creative chef for the award-winning plant-based food company in Dallas. I am licensed food manager and operations manager for mobile food service and catering venture. 

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