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Prep My Loan Program

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Business Loan Preparation


Introducing Start.Pivot.Grow. Loan Preparation Course Take the course and download the planner to access the capital you know you need. This online self-paced certificate course is a digital 10-chapter tool designed for entrepreneurs to increase their chances of commercial loan approval. Entrepreneurs learn the secret to drafting a compelling loan application and understanding collateral, legal structures, and intellectual property. Benefits of completion and planner: - Higher Loan Approval Rates - Time Savings - Simplified Loan Preparation Process - Expert Assistance and Guidance Our powerful online Loan Readiness Course helps you identify weaknesses, understand the underwriting approval process, and increase your chances of getting a small business loan. Each segment provides actionable insights and strategies to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey and help you get closer to a yes from the lender of your choice. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a new business owner, this course offers a comprehensive guide to navigate the funding landscape strategically. We have worked with banks, credit unions, community development financial institutions, and community lenders for over 21 years and have helped small businesses access millions of dollars. Select the best option that meets your business needs below: - Download the digital loan planner to prepare on your own and walk through the self-paced course to obtain your certificate of completion. $19.99

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