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Grab this invaluable resource, "Squeezed: Transform Your Foodservice Business Through Financial Mastery With This 5-Step Plan."


This comprehensive guide is expertly crafted to empower restaurant owners, food truck operators, food product businesses, and caterers to elevate their operations through keen financial control.


Drawing from extensive firsthand experience in managing an award-winning food truck, restaurants, and catering company, Chef Cynthia, as seen on NBCUniversal and Food Network, delivers practical insights to maximize your profits.


Whether you're navigating through challenges or seeking to propel your thriving establishment to new heights, this book presents a clear, actionable roadmap for attaining financial success and long-term stability. Download the e-book today, and anticipate the print copy's release on Amazon in June. Get ready to transform your foodservice business and embark on a journey towards financial mastery. Your profit is in the pennies.

Fix My Restaurant Series for Culinary Artists

Online Training

Helping foodservice entrepreneurs access free business training.

Business Planners

Offering business growth and loan packaging planners.


New series of business management books for entrepreneurs.


Get ready to transform your restaurant, food truck, catering company, or consumer business into a thriving venture with e-books from the Start.Pivot.Grow.'s comprehensive Fix My Restaurant bootcamp series. Chef Cynthia's new book was written to help food service entrepreneurs like you achieve financial mastery and reach new heights of success. Don't wait any longer—grab your copy today and start seeing the numbers work in your favor.

Dive into a rich blend of industry insights, practical strategies, and first-hand knowledge no one has shared with you before that whisks you through the essential steps of building a memorable and profitable food venture. From the initial spark of an idea to the grand opening and beyond, "Squeezed" equips you with the tools to:

  1. Navigate the complexities of the food service industry with confidence.

  2. Master financial acumen to manage costs, maximize profits, and ensure sustainability.

  3. Craft a magnetic brand identity and marketing strategy that captures hearts and appetites.

  4. Streamline operations for efficiency, quality, and customer delight.

  5. Identify growth opportunities and scale your business with precision.

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